Founder, Janai, has a love for all things fashion. Broken Land Co. is a brand that is a reflection of her style and individuality that she is so excited to share with the world.

The premiere of the ‘BLUU collection’ has allowed us to revisit her love for denim. At a young age, Janai’s aunt introduced her to to distressed denim designs. In college, Janai founded ‘Shades of BK’, a brand which started out as a custom sunglasses company, and later evolved to a brand with a heavy focus on custom upcycled denim pieces. Years later, Janai has emerged with Broken Land Co., a brand that is defined as COUTURE QUALITY ATTIRE.

Broken Land Co.’s mission is to maintain a denim capsule collection and later explore the endless possibilities Janai’s creativity has to offer, with all fabrics. Janai assures that there is a lot in store for Broken Land Co., and hopes that you enjoy this journey just as much as she does. Menswear is coming soon.

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